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Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System

Are you working crazy long hours and
making very little money?

You’re not alone.

Accountants Are Too Cheap

Unfortunately most accounting
professionals tend to set their price
towards the bottom of this range.

But, really, you want to be as close to the
buyer’s reservation price as possible.

You may be thinking it’s unfair to
charge a high price, but I would argue
it is actually much fairer than
charging a cheap price.

If you charge a low price, you end up
having to take on a lot more clients to
make ends meet, working a lot harder,
longer hours.

You are likely to end up
cutting corners, rushing jobs or
missing out on valuable opportunities –
not on purpose, just because you are so

Many of my students have told me they
wish they could spend more time on
advisory services, but they are just
too busy keeping up with compliance

To be continued….
Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System

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