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Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System

Are you working crazy long hours and
making very little money?

You’re not alone.

Accountants Are Too Cheap

Who loses out?

You certainly do because you are
overworking and under earning, but the
client is missing out too!

If you can
help them build a better business, but
can’t spare the time to do it because
you’re too busy, the client is missing out.

You owe it to your client to charge a
higher price so that you can deliver a
highly valuable service.

How Do You Find That Maximum Price?

You can’t just ask your client what
their maximum willingness to spend is.

They would not tell you that number,
they may not even know it themselves.

You need a process of finding that
price. Here’s what you do…

Make your first price too expensive.

If you start low and the client says
yes, you can’t backtrack and try and up
the price – you’ve left money on the

To be continued…

Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System

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