Internet Marketing – Pricing one-off jobs -2

Mark Wickersham (UK):
When deciding how to price projects
such as annual accounts it’s relatively
It’s repetitive, predictable and
we are able to create a package
solution to suit that makes it easy to
But what about when it’s a one-off job?
How best do you price it then?
Here are 3 tips to help you do it more
Tip 2 – Create options
As I’ve said  once you know what
the customer wants to achieve then you
better know how you can help them.
It also means that you can add in
different levels of exactly how you can
help them, and then price them
You may think that the one-off work
model doesn’t suit this three-tier
pricing structure.
But it does.
Once again you need to create three
different options and, with a bit of
creativity and thinking that’s possible
whatever the situation.
For instance the client wants a
cashflow forecast.
At a basic level
that’s just what you do for them.
Yet when you ask why they want it
then you understand their
business better.
In this example, the reply may be that
they need to buy new plant and
machinery so want the forecast for
their funding attempts.
Now, beyond just the cashflow forecast,
you could offer them a middle tier
option where you go to a meeting with
the bank manager and talk them through
the cashflow forecast.
Alternatively, as a top tier option you
could help with other funding
opportunities or a grant finding
Once you’ve given the client three
different options you’ve given three
different prices – and more than likely
the client will go for one that’s more
expensive than just the basic level.
(More to follow!)
In case you missed this:
(More of Mark!)
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