Internet Marketing – Protect your bank account!

Another warning story – BE READY!:
Your phone rings.

Step 1 Introduction
The caller says he/she is from your bank.

Step 2 Shock !
Caller asks whether you have just

spent $1,200 in a town 1,000 miles

from your home. You have not.

You are in SHOCK, especially when

this happens the first time.


Step 3 Give Private Information (Do NOT!)

‘ I need your full name, your bank account number

and your security number. Also, when did you last

use this card (to distract you)?’


Step 4 Change PhonesThis is CRITICAL!

Your first phone may still be online

to the fraudsters. When you ring

your bank, your call is going to

the fraudsters, not to the bank.

Step 5 Find the bank’s real phone number

from the back of your debit/credit card,

or Google.

Step 6 Ring the bank and give them

the number of the caller.

Step 7 The bank will reassure you.

This has happened to me twice and

to my Russian wife four times,including yesterday.
Banks NEVER ring you and ask for

security information,

BUT if you call the bank,

you will need to give it.

That is why you MUST, MUST

changephones (see step 4).

If you give that information to a fraudster,

who empties your account,

the bank will NOT repay you.
You earn your money. Keep it safe!

Sincerely, Robin

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