Internet Marketing – Rescue the lady in distress! – Last day!

If you wish to have a last look at this offer, before it disappears,Sunday is the last day.
Check it all here:

Frequently Asked Questions(Story at the foot of this section)
What is a “fire sale bundle” and how
does it work? Do I really get all of
these products for one price? 

Yes, you get everything listed here for
just $27.
The creators have donated
their products in support of Kim, and
have agreed to include them in the

How will I get access to the products
after I buy? 

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll
be logged into our secure members area
where you’ll find a link to the access

On that page, you will find
instructions for downloading each

In most cases, you’ll be asked
to use a coupon code on the product
provider’s website.

Your access to the individual products

will be through those sites.
We do not provide direct
download links.  

How much of the proceeds will go to

Everything after the fees will go
directly to Kim. Fees are limited to
PayPal and credit card processing, and
affiliate payments.
Everything else will go to Kim, touse as she deems necessary.

What is the refund policy?

Because all the products are available
for immediate download, all sales are

The story (if you missed it):
In the early morning hours of July 21, 
a house fire took everything Kimberly
Brink-Castleberry owns.  

Because the fire started in the middle
of the night and spread so quickly,
there was no time to grab essentials or

All she could do was get out. 

Through a series of unfortunate events,
Kim’s home was uninsured, which means
no help with short-term housing, no
help to rebuild, or even to purchase
new clothes or shoes.

As you can imagine, the cost to recover
from such devastation is astronomical,
and without insurance, Kim has been
left in a truly bad spot. 

The Internet marketing community has
stepped in to help, and you can, too!

Because Kim is always the first to
reach out to others in need, her
friends and colleagues have joined
together to help her when she needs it
most, and you get to reap the rewards. 

Through Sunday, August 18, when you
purchase Kim’s Fundraiser Bundle,
you’ll not only be gaining a valuable
marketing education, but you’ll be
providing assistance to someone who
desperately needs the support. 

It is all here:

My 2019 IFRS books are ready. 

They are free to download at:

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