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Launch finishes today!
$10 price and bonuses will
be gone tomorrow! 
This new product from
Lee Cornell
is worth a look (as is his
sales page!).
It identifies materials that you can
use, or adapt,
without paying any royalty to anybody =
For the Sales Page like no other,
Lee Cornell (US):
Public Domain Fortune, with it’s nearly
17,500 words, guides you step-by-step,
from helping you
determine a money making niche,
testing the market,
where to find and endless supply of
public domain materials,
to showing you how to
quickly create multiple products such
as eBooks, videos and audios.
Also discover the best ways to re-brand
your completed product with new graphics.
Other topics include:
creating a website
easily to promote your item(s), how to
team up with affiliates to super charge
your sales, holding webinars using best
platforms, and why having a membership
site will take your earnings to a whole
different level.
Act today and get these added BONUSES!
Copyright Basics Guide
In this handy guide, you’ll learn
exactly what “copyright” is all about,
who can claim a copyright, what works
are protected and why, as well as being
able to determine quickly what is NOT
What are the copyright rules
for things that are not books? What
about other writings and articles?
Photos? Audio recordings? Film clips?
All of these questions and more will be
answered and, after you finish this
guide, you’ll know more about copyright
and the pubic domain than 95% of the
other people out there.
Guide to Searching the US Copyright
In this manual, you’ll learn exactly
how to search the US Government online
copyright catalog and get the results
you want in your search.
How to search by title, author,
registration records and keywords. How
to search by date, subject type and
You can also see the most popular
topics searched for.
This fantastic publication will help
you narrow in on ideas you have for
possible public domain products.
PLUS 2 more bonuses!
Pick up a copy of Lee Cornell’s Public
Domain Fortune right now and have him
show you exactly how to do it. In a
short time you can be making some
serious cash with your product. (Lee’s
at $400,000 and counting).
Time is running out on the introductory
For the Sales Page like no other,
Why spend a ton of time starting from
scratch and researching to make an
information product when you can
use already created content published
by professionals?
It’s all there in the pubic domain and
I’ll show you where to
find all of the material you’ll ever need!
That means you can take these materials
and use them however you want!
For free!
For the Sales Page like no other,
A product I created ONCE, over 20 years
ago, is still selling and making me
There is no reason you can’t do the
exact same thing using public domain
and a topic that you are interested in.
I created a product
using public domain material
and I can show you how to do the
exact same thing with
For the Sales Page like no other,
(You have to see this!)
In case you missed this:
Better pricing = higher profits 
If you have a service business, you can
earn much more from this series.
Also, Mark runs a programme called
Price Consulting, and he teaches
accountants/bookkeepers how to help
their customers with their pricing. 
Thank you for the positive response to
posts on this topic and the action taken.
Please tell your friends!
Those links again:
How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (book)
How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (video training programme)
The Value Pricing System
The Power of Price Psychology
Monthly Mentoring
Grab them NOW and claim the true income
that you earn!
Price accounting and consulting
services more profitably!


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