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Dear {!firstname_fix},
This new product from one of
John Thornhill’s partners,
Lee Cornell
, takes a little digesting,
but it is worth your time.
It identifies materials that you can
use, or adapt,
without paying any royalty to anybody =
For the Sales Page like no other,
Lee Cornell (US):
Public Domain materials (books, audios,
videos, photos, music, government
works, etc.) are publications which for
one reason, or another, are no longer
protected by copyright.
That means you can take these materials
and use them however you want!
For free!
And there are millions and
millions of pages of content on
thousands of topics that are there for
you to create products from!
For the Sales Page like no other,
What would you say if I told you I’ve
made over $400,000 from a website that
started out as a single instructional
VHS video which used public domain
books from the early 1900’s to help me
create the content.
And it was an extremely small niche.
My first ever product was a video on
how to become a ventriloquist.
That’s right.
I taught people how to talk to puppets.
I’ve been a ventriloquist since I was
nine years old. As an adult, I decided
I wanted to produce this instructional
product and teach others this
fascinating art.
And, I used content from two
public domain books to help enhance the
My VHS video (now available as a DVD
and digital product) was released in
1997 on the then-fairly new internet.
It was called “Ventriloquism 101 –
Insider Secrets to Becoming a
Ventriloquist in as Little as 30 Days!”
I’ve sold over 6,000 copies of
“Ventriloquism 101” either as a
physical product or a download.
All of this by creating a product of my
own from public domain material.
And the money continues to roll in to
this day
Let that sink in for a minute. A
product I created ONCE, over 20 years
ago, is still selling and making me
There is no reason you can’t do the
exact same thing using public domain
and a topic that you are interested in.
I found a niche I was interested in and
created a product
using public domain material
And I can show you how to do the
exact same thing with
For the Sales Page like no other,
In case you missed this:
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Thank you for the positive response to
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Please tell your friends!
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How to build a successful bookkeeping
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How to build a successful bookkeeping
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The Power of Price Psychology
Monthly Mentoring
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