Internet Marketing –Secret Principles of Hypnotic Writing – 4

Andy Brocklehurst (UK)
I purchased a high ticket course called
“Hypnotic Writing” from Dr Joe Vitale.
It really pushed me forward in my
journey of learning not just good, but
great copy writing that converts like
These included a list of “Secret
Principles of Hypnotic Writing.”
Please keep in mind, these aren’t so
much a primer as a list of clues as to
what Dr Joe’s “Hypnotic Writing” is.
But from these clues you can discern
enough valuable information to almost
instantly improve your own writing,
whether it’s blog posts, sales letters,
emails or anything else.
7: Hypnotic Writing is Hidden
You won’t find any obvious clues that
signal, “Warning, hypnotic writing at
The writing will instead be
smooth and personal, and the hypnotic
aspect will sneak in below conscious
Imagine if you had the power to
influence your prospect’s subconscious
Imagine if you could do it by using
simple trigger words that activate
involuntary reactions in their
And imagine you can do it in writing
and in speech.
You might not believe you can do this.
But I’m going to tell you that you can,
because over time we are all subtly
hypnotized to accept certain
This process started when
we were babies and has never stopped.
You wouldn’t even suspect these simple
words of holding any special power. But
when you use them correctly, they can
dramatically improve your power of
Yes, I’ve just given you a sample of
‘hypnotic writing.’ If you re-read the
previous posts, and if you study
it very carefully, you will notice I
used three little words to great effect
– “Imagine, you and because.”
If all you do is begin using these
three words more often in your copy,
you will experience an increase in the
persuasiveness of your writing.
Imagine if you could persuade anyone of
anything, because when you do, you’ll
hold the power to make a fortune.
A quick Amazon search for
“Hypnotic Writing” will find a book by
Joe Vitale that contains all the meat
from the course he used to sell for
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