Internet Marketing – Selling physical goods – an advantage?

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Our story, so far, of an aggressive
internet service:
I have been offered a free traffic
service, then told that I WILL HATE
MYSELF if I do not upgrade to Platinum
service @
$15 per month.
Then, I searched for reviews of the
company, which were unfavourable.
Following a similar threat yesterday,
this morning brought:
‘Subject: Important:
Read this right now.
This is extremely important.
New accounts are CLOSING for 2016’s
income system.
This is your last and final warning.
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You have less than 24 hours.’
Will I risk hating myself by not
Do you believe that they will stop
bothering me when the 24 hours expires?
Finding potential buyers
Finding potential buyers is a key
factor for all businesses.
Sellers of
physical goods (via the internet) have
eBay, Amazon and others, where most
viewers are looking to buy something.
In contrast, many sellers of
non-physical goods, such as information
products focus on social media

(Facebook, YouTube) to find buyers.
Michael Cheney has done more research
and business on Facebook (FB) than just
about anybody.
Much of his experience is included in his:
Commission Machine 2017 
He identifies that as a social network,
the reasons people log in to FB are
more about entertainment
than the
motives of those viewing eBay and
Omar Martin agrees. He said in
Omar’s IM Clinic
excellent course of 4 webinars
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that we are reliant on impulse buyers
in social media.
This leaves us at a disadvantage to
sellers of physical products on
eBay and Amazon.
A number of non-physical good
promoters recognize this and have been
exploring Shopify, as well as eBay and
Amazon, to see if they can harness
groups of buyers rather than
Some are becoming agents for physical
goods as a result. The main techniques
learned in the non-physical business
can be applied profitably for physical
goods, though the commissions are
generally much lower.
Most non-physical business experts
learned their skills with eBay and
Michael Cheney took two years
to make any money on eBay, whilst
John Thornhill profitably sold
information products on eBay before
moving to non-physical sites.
John, my mentor has written
Simple Traffic Solutions,
a best seller on the topic.
There are two buttons on my site
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Click either button and check it out
Many thousands make money from physical
goods every day and find buyers more
easily than I do.
I recognize this, but I am staying
with non-physical goods for now.
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