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Set up a Great Home Office 

Elyse Hauser 

Identify the Right Space 
With that in mind, it’s time to
identify the place you’ll put your home

Unless you have a real need for lots of
space, you truly don’t need more than a
few feet.

However, depending on how
cramped your living situation is, you
might need to rearrange some furniture
to open up that office space. 

Look for or create a spare corner,
stretch of wall, or space under a

Move things around as needed
until you have an open space where you
can fit a desk of some sort.

If there’s
no spare wall space, you might be able
to tuck a desk up against the back of
your couch instead.

You could even use
an extra closet as an office (but let’s
be real—how many people in small
living spaces have a closet to spare?).

Your office can also be in your
hallway, entryway, kitchen, or even
your bedroom.

Anywhere with a few extra
feet of space works.

Our Editor in
Chief Jason turned an unused alcove at
the end of a hallway into a home office
for his wife: it was just the right
size for two file cabinets, a wood
countertop from IKEA, and an office

You may have a spot in your own
home like that: a space at the end of a
hallway or under a staircase where a
modest little home office could sit.

If you put your desk in your bedroom,
try to face it away from your bed, so
you won’t be thinking about naps all
day long or work when you’re in bed. 

To be continued….

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