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Aaron Danker:
When You Need Cash Fast…
You need cash… fast. And the more time
that goes by, the more you feel the

The more pressure you feel, the harder
it is for you to think straight and
come up with a reasonable plan to

raise the cash you need.

That’s where this report comes in. I’ve
done all the thinking for you and have
come up with proven ways to make fast money
– at least $100 and usually more.

All you have to do is take a deep
breath and read on to discover:
• How to make money when you don’t even
have a list or product!
• How to make money with your vacation
• How you can turn living near a
University into cash in your
• How to make quick cash in just an
hour or so selling something
you already have in your possession…
but you’ll never miss it — guaranteed!

Plus many other fast ways to raise cash
online! Let’s get to it…

Some of these tactics require a little
knowledge. Some of them require certain

But some of them just require a
computer, an Internet connection and
the desire to make money fast…

#1: Getting Flaming Hot Cash Fast
Do you have a load of private label
rights, resell rights, master resell
rights or other
content that you own the rights to just
taking up space on your hard drive?

Then it’s time to have a fire sale. 
Simply gather up all the content you
have, make an unbelievably low, “no
offer, and let your sale run for about
one week.

You’ll make the most money if
you advertise your sale on niche forums,
via affiliates, via joint venture
partners, on and elsewhere.

#2: Get $100… $200… $300… (SOLD!)
One of the easiest ways to make money
online is by selling your “stuff” at
the world’s largest marketplace.


Chances are, you have items in and
around your house right now that could
easily bring in at least $100. These items
include clothes, books, CDs, DVDs,
toys, games,
electronics, exercise equipment,
antiques and so on.

Just be sure to take good pictures,
write a descriptive eye-catching title
and a good ad…

and you’re sure to get top dollar
for your wares.

To be continued…….


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