Internet Marketing – Simple Ways to Raise Cash Fast Online! -11

Aaron Danker:
When You Need Cash Fast…
You need cash… fast. And the more time
that goes by, the more you feel the
The more pressure you feel, the harder
it is for you to think straight and
come up with a reasonable plan to

raise the cash you need.

That’s where this report comes in. I’ve
done all the thinking for you and have
come up
with proven ways to make fast money
– at least $100 and usually more.

All you have to do is take a deep
breath and read on to discover:
• How to make money when you don’t even
have a list or product!
• How to make money with your vacation
• How you can turn living near a
University into cash in your
• How to make quick cash in just an
hour or so selling something
you already have in your possession…
but you’ll never miss it — guaranteed!
Plus many other fast ways to raise cash
online! Let’s get to it…
Some of these tactics require a little
knowledge. Some of them require certain
But some of them just require a
computer, an Internet connection and
the desire to make money fast…

#20: Sell Other People’s Digital
Products for Fast Cash

So far, we’ve talked about selling
other people’s physical products and
selling your
own digital products to raise cash.
But here’s yet another idea:

You can raise money selling

other people’s digital products.
The quickest way to do this is by
becoming an affiliate for a vendor in
your niche.
You can find affiliate programs by
searching or by running a
search in
Google (e.g., “weight loss ebook
affiliate program”).
The only problem is even though you
might make the sales fast (especially
if sell to your list, post on CraigsList,

use PPC marketing or other quick methods),

the payment
may not hit your bank account for many
weeks or even many months.

The solution? Find affiliate programs
with same-day commission payments to
your PayPal account, or find affiliate
programs that pay 100% commissions
directly into your account.
Simply run a search for
these sorts of programs in your niche
using Google(e.g., “same day commission
payouts” and similar terms).

To be continued…….

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