Internet Marketing – So What Is The Iceberg Effect?

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The Iceberg Effect

Dean Holland:

You’ve not had a fair chance since the
day you got started…

The affiliate marketing industry has
successfully hidden a devastating
secret from its unsuspecting victims
for years.

A fact so dark that almost all aspiring
affiliate marketers fall flat on their
face and fail…

And yet…

You’re Completely Oblivious To It!

But don’t be too hard on yourself..

VERY few people are aware of its

But today it stops.

Today I’m drawing a line in the sand
It’s time you knew the REAL problem

that’s holding you back AND got the
answers once and for all

First…Let’s discuss:
The Problem…
It’s called the ‘Iceberg Effect’ and
right now it’s killing your chances of
affiliate marketing success…

It’s a problem that has been silently
creeping up without detection for
several years…

And now it’s finally reached BREAKING

Those lucky enough to have learned of
the Iceberg Effect and how to combat it
are set free to create the profitable
business they desire…

Those that fail to unearth it, well,
they might as well just quit right now!

So What Is The Iceberg Effect?
It’s NOT some motivational strategy.

It’s NOT a productivity hack.

It’s NOT some short term gimmick or

That’s why this book isn’t about any
that stuff!

And despite what some might tell you…

Your lack of results is NOT down to a
lack traffic!

Because no amount of traffic will help
you if you don’t first uncover “The
Iceberg Effect” and understand the 5
steps to combat its devastating

That is exactly what my FREE*new book will
show you!

Secure yours NOW!

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