Internet Marketing – Start Before You’re Ready!

Bill Baren (US)
I know that sometimes I start things
and fall flat on my face.
What I am so glad about is I have
learned to start projects
that I feel totally not ready for.
I am so glad that I have
learned to take on things that scare me
to pieces.
I am excited by the challenge of
something totally unknown.
I like to start fast and fail even
faster so that I can
learn from my mistakes.
If you were on the inside of my
business, you would know how fast we
change course when we
don’t get results.
You would know how quickly seemingly
risky decisions are made daily.
And you would know how
uncomfortable that sometimes feels, but
it’s what makes my life and
my business such an amazing
vehicle for personal growth.
So here’s what I know:
Begin before you feel like you’re
sufficiently prepared.
Take the first step despite the size or
the difficulty of the project.
Get going even if you feel
like you currently
don’t have enough this or that – or
perhaps even if you
feel that you’re not enough.
Our minds are no use to us in the
matter of starting that
which our hearts know is our path. It
will come up with
excuses, doubts and countless reason
why you can’t and
shouldn’t do something.
Begin because it is the only way.
And know that our
resistance to doing our soul’s work is
our signal that we
are on the right path.
If there’s no resistance to the work,
you’re often skirting
around the periphery of your work.
Resistance is the friend
that arrives when we’ve hit bulls-eye.
Procrastination, avoidance and
excuse-making are simply
part of the territory.
Resistance, Procrastination
& Avoidance have been with me
for years, but now they are
increasingly becoming my
They signal to me that I am on
my hero’s journey
and that I am getting closer to
whatever my next level is.
They are not the dragons that will
stop me from getting
there, but simply signal that tell me
that I’m close… and my
job is to continue to inch closer.
So what are you waiting for?
Begin. Be uncomfortable.
And rejoice that you are alive and
living your best life TODAY.
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