Internet Marketing – Steps to Publishing Success -1

Aaron Danker:

Even if your best friend owns a top
publishing company, giving you an
“in,” this does not guarantee
publishing success.

First, you have to write a quality book
that has a clear target audience. And
book must answer a common problem or
need that audience shares.

Then you
have to develop a marketing plan, and
stick to it for at least two years.

Let’s begin with the process that
should commence before you write your
first word.

Begin by reading A LOT. Read both
books you passionately love and
books you can’t seem to make it past
page five.

Then figure out what the
did in the book you loved, and what was
wrong with in the book you couldn’t

Write down these points so they
are crystal clear to you. Read other
people’s books for inspiration and to
discover what you should avoid as a

The next step is to plan out your book.
Narrow down your subject, and then
divide it into chapters.

Each chapter
should address a specific aspect of the
problem your book is going to solve. In
each chapter, break the specific aspect
down into several parts.

This will help your readers take in your

information a bit
at a time instead of overwhelming them
with every bit of information clogging up 
the pages until they feel like they’re
about to go blind.

It’s not quite spoon-feeding
the information to your readers, but
it’s close.

To be continued….

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