Internet Marketing – Steps to Publishing Success -3

Aaron Danker:
Then take all these ideas from other
people, and revise your manuscript one
last time.

And then stop! Put down that pen!
Get your hands off the keyboard!

One of the most important steps to
actually producing a book is to know
when to
stop writing and tinkering with it.

You’ve finally written your Ebook! Pop
open the bubbly! Give yourself a night
out on the town!

Okay, now that this necessary
celebration is out of your system, what
do you do next?
How to turn your Ebook into Profits
Ebooks are a revolutionary way to
publish your book without incurring the
costs of print production.

All you need is a
relevant and targeted subject and some
inexpensive software, and you can
transform your manuscript into a book.

The problem, in terms of actually
seeing any profits from your Ebook, is
that the
market is overwhelmed with Ebooks, and
many of them are not worth the time it
takes to download them.

Just because
the ability exists to easily produce an
Ebook, doesn’t make it good writing.

Make sure your book does not simply
rehash old material.

You will injure your
credibility as an author by claiming to
offer valuable new insights and
disappointing your audience with
material they’ve read a zillion times

spend enough time writing and revising
your book to make sureit’s of the highest
quality and presents the most current

A good book will eventually
sell itself; false claims about your
book will make it extremely difficult
to sell any
future books you may write.

To be continued….

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program:

John is the master of digital product creation (see webinar below).
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Ever since John launched his brand new
Ambassador Program, I have had a ton of
questions. So I’ve decided to answer
the most common ones here.

Q. Please tell me what this is about?

A. In a nutshell, you get 2 sites of
your own. 1 promotes the webinar and 2
recruits affiliates into my Partnership
to Success Program.
You get paid up to
$1182 for everyone who joins
Partnership to Success from your link,
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50/50 on any sales your sub-affiliates

Q. Wow, that sounds amazing. Do I
receive anything else?

A. Yes, you also collect the leads
(build your list) from your very own
web page.

Q. What about writing emails?

A. That’s all done for you as you also,
receive a 99-day professionally written
email autoresponder sequence that pays
you 100% commissions on all of John’s
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To be continued……..

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