Internet Marketing – Strategies to Avoid Misunderstandings – 3

Misunderstandings –
The best way to deal with
misunderstandings is to avoid them in
the first place.
This is one challenge
that’s easier to prevent than to solve.
Not all misunderstandings can be
avoided, but you can greatly reduce
their occurrence.
Try these options to avoid the
relationship issues that can be caused
by misunderstandings:

Ask questions. Think of anything you
might have misunderstood and ask about
it. Questions are a great way to ensure
you’ve understood what was communicated
to you.
You can also ask questions to
verify you were understood.
“Okay, so you need me to….?”
“Just so we’re clear, it would help you
if I….?”
“So, you understand that I need you to
pick up the kids at…?

Recap. This is similar to asking the
other person to repeat the gist of your
discussion back to you.
In this case, you’re offering up your

description of what just happened and

what’s going to happen next.

Think ahead. Many misunderstandings can
be avoided with a little planning.
Imagine how the other person is going
to interpret what you do or say. Head
off any misunderstandings before they
Misunderstandings and relationships go
hand in hand. You’re bound to have
misunderstanding sooner or later.

Take the necessary precautions to minimize
the likelihood of any confusion.
Conversations serve to transfer

Ensure that the transfer has taken

place accurately and completely.
Use questions to avoid
Have a quick recap
after an important conversation.
And, practice your listening skills.

They are invaluable in life.

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