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Imagine for a moment that you came up
with a fantastic business idea.

You tell your brother about it, but he
ridicules the idea.

Your spouse doesn’t think it will work.

And the local banker really has a
hearty laugh at your expense, because
there’s no way he’ll loan you money for
your idea.

Seems like everyone who matters thinks
your idea is silly.

So tell me – would you still pursue it?

You certainly wouldn’t be alone if you
gave up on it. It’s really hard to keep
going and work so hard on an idea when
your friends and family don’t support

But you know what?

This scenario above actually happened
to a well-known entrepreneur.

I bet you recognize his name:

Walt Disney.

That’s right, people ridiculed Disney’s
prototype for Mickey Mouse, and they
told him no one would watch his
animated films.

Of course I don’t have to tell you that
today the global Disney entertainment
empire is huge, with movies, books,
merchandise, theme parks and more.

But the only reason any of it exists is
because Disney was tenacious as a
bulldog and able to push past all the

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This is a membership site

full of training materials,

all of which are FREE to you

via our private link:

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