Internet Marketing – the 3 skills to master

Last week, we looked at Devon Brown’s
‘done-for-you’ system (Web Copy Cat)
In a recent video, he identified the
3 skills needed for IM success in earning
a significant income:
1. Finding an audience, building a
list, of potential buyers.
2. Having the ability to communicate
with that audience
, though email
autoresponders such as Aweber, social
media, advertisements and so on.
3. Finding the right products to sell.
These are those wanted by the audience.
He identified that finding the right
products to sell is the easiest of the
three skills, with thousand of products
and services available on the global
distributors: JVZoo, Clickbank and
, as well as many more
Also, you can (and should) make
your own products as soon as possible.
The main battles are fought in the
first two points.
Omar Martin’s IM Clinic:
I mentioned Omar and Melinda Martin’s
excellent course of 4 2-hour webinars
-List Building,
-Conversion (into sales) and
-Scaling (up your IM income)
(Each evening has been at least
4 hours’ of top content!)
You can replay the 3 webinars so far
and listen to the final one this week,
unless your time zone requires
you to listen to the replay
(as mine does).
Multimillionaire student of Omar is
the UK’s Michael Cheney. At first, he
seems highly amusing, which he can afford to
be, having earned his results.
His results are 100% serious.
Before I knew him, he made  $1 million,
or so, then let his business and money
drift away.
He rebuilt his whole business, with a
phenomenal attention to detail, to massively
enhance value and extract profit
from every aspect of the IM business
(now worth $5-7million and growing).
He is committed to sharing his talents
and knowledge and works with gurus
(such as Omar Martin and John Thornhill)
and students constantly.
The Commission Machine 2017 is an
excellent start to Michael’s training:
Earn Up to $2642.60 a Day By Copying
this Little-Known Super Affiliate
Secret Weapon…”
(Even If You’re a Stone-Cold Newbie
with No List, No Clue and No Money)
Sales page, (no commitment)
including a video of
Michael explaining it all, here:
Watch it NOW and see what you can achieve.

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