Internet Marketing – The BIGGEST Mistake in copywriting!

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John Thornhill (UK)
In a previous email we discussed ‘some’
of the mistakes people make when trying
to write sales copyBut here’s one of the top mistakes I
see beginning copywriters make over and

* They make the copy about themselves
rather than about their prospect. *

I mean it’s pretty easy to do. We’re
all sort of self-centered. It’s for
that exact reason that your prospect
wants to read about themselves and
their problems.

But it’s for this same reason that we
copywriters can really easily make the
copy about ourselves rather than our

I mean think about it…

Maybe you tell a story about you and
how you overcame the same problem the
reader is facing. But if you’re not
careful, you can easily drone on and
talk about yourself way too much.
Eventually the reader is going to say,
“Who cares?” And then they’ll bail out.

Or maybe you’re talking about your
credentials. Except if you don’t tie in
the reason why these credentials are
beneficial to the reader, then you’re
going to lose sales.

Or perhaps you’re just writing copy
that’s totally centered on yourself.
For example, you say stuff like this:

I’ll show you how to lose weight.

When you should be orienting it to the
reader like this:

You’ll discover how to lose weight.

It’s a subtle difference.

And maybe it doesn’t make all that much
of a difference if you have a line or
two like that in your copy. But if line
after line, paragraph after paragraph
has too many uses of the word “I” or
“me,” your prospect is going to hit the
back button. And yeah, you’ll lose a

So take a look at your copy. Ask
yourself these questions:

• When you talk about yourself, is it
• Do you tie in stories about
yourself or others to something
that is beneficial to the prospect?
• How many times do you use words like
“I” versus words like “you?”
(Hint: Use words like “you” very

You might also want to have someone
read your copy with fresh eyes to see
if it’s about you or about the

It all sounds so simple, but it can
have a huge impact on your conversion
rates and profits.

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