Internet Marketing – The Complete Guide to Menu Pricing!

Mark Wickersham (UK)

The complete guide to menu pricing
(video training programme)
Just released this week!
You want more income from the work you
are doing? If you are serious,
this is for you!
Follow the method used by Starbucks and
Menu pricing is the best way to get
started with value pricing.  It’s a
relatively simple strategy to implement
and yet the results can be
Of course, there is a
real art to menu pricing and in this
programme, as well as learning the
foundations and a 7-step
implementation process,
you’ll discover over 25
advanced strategies.
Here are some of the many things you
will learn from this in-depth training
Why charging different customers
different prices is the first
foundation of value pricing
If you have a single price for your
product it is the WRONG PRICE –
The 3 degrees of the price
discrimination triad
How I used menu pricing in 1999 to
increase prices THREE TIMES!
The reason why menu pricing helps you
put your prices up with existing
clients… without fear of losing any
Why you must always start with
the Magic of Three
The concept of Optimal Pricing– how to
get the best possible price
The 7-step framework for putting menu
pricing into practice
How to carry out customer segmentation
– this is something your competitors
almost certainly never do
How to name your packages
The 5-step framework for creating your
How to price your packages and the
concept of relative pricing
Increase your prices by 20% when you
introduce a super-premium option
When to break the Magic of Three rule
and introduce a 4th package
How to avoid the Paradox of Choice –
something which can destroy your menu
The 15:60:25 rule for getting the best
results from your pricing
How to present your packages and why
the order is so important
The reason unbundling is even more
important than bundling
The complete guide to menu pricing
(video training programme)
Grab it NOW!
In case you missed this:
(More of Mark!)
Better pricing = higher profits 
If you have a service business, you can
earn much more from this series.
Also, Mark runs a programme called
Price Consulting, and he teaches
accountants/bookkeepers how to help
their customers with their pricing. 
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posts on this topic and the action taken.
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Grab them NOW and claim the true income
that you earn!
Price accounting and consulting
services more profitably!
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