Internet Marketing – The Darker Side of IM -2

Recently, I bought a product just
before the Sunday night IM deadline
(before the discount and bonuses
I thought it was a launch
of a new product, but it was a
Result: I had two copies of
the same product costing $10.
I wrote to the seller and told him.
I said that I did NOT want a refund,
but asked for another product on the
topic. I received an excellent
replacement and a pleasant letter
I was at fault for not checking it
Refunds are a standard feature of IM,
when buyers do not like the product.
As well as the revenue loss, the buyer’s
reputation can suffer
, as the global
distributors: JVZoo, Clickbank and
Warrior+Plus publish the number of
refunds next to each product.
They take action against high levels
of refunds and may stop
distributing that seller’s products.
Affiliates (sales agents) check the
refund levels of products they might
promote, as they do not want to do all
the work, upset their list members and
lose their commissions from high
Both the seller and the affiliates can
block further sales to people who have
asked for refunds
, or can give them
another chance.
One IM seller of “$100 a day, with no
site, no product, no list..” products
announced that ‘serial refunders will
be centrally blacklisted’, indicating
that he had a specific problem with
certain buyers repeatedly asking for
refunds, taking products for free.
Refunds are an IM cost of business, as
some buyers do not even open the
product before deciding they do not
have the time to use it.
Others do not follow the instructions,
or the simplicity is oversold
(especially to newbies) and they cannot
make it work.
For the buyer, a refund request
directly to the seller is normally
swiftly resolved.
If not, a claim to the distributor
(JVZoo etc.) Paypal or a credit card
company will see the money returned.
Google search ‘review  +  product name’
BEFORE buying and read the reviews on
pages 1+2+3, looking for the word
‘SCAM’, but also how to learn more
about the suitability of the product
and whether it is worth buying an
upsell (oto), or not.
Omar Martin’s IM Clinic
mentioned a surprising problem.
He decided to clear unresponsive names
from his large lists, as they were
neither reading his emails, nor buying.
Also, autoresponder charges are based
on list size, so they were costing him
money (multimillionaires also look
after their money).
About a third of his list was removed.
As a result, this automatically
increased his bounce rate
(returned emails) as a %
of letters sent, indicating Spam
and his refund rate
as a % of letters sent.
Omar is one of AWeber and JVZoo’s
best customers and knows the
owners well. Thus, it was a
minor inconvenience, swiftly rectified.
The standard training instructs us to
prune our list (and save money).
Omar’s experience tells us this is a
risk of upsetting our statistics and
being accused of sending Spam.
Have a good weekend and Happy Easter,
if you are celebrating it!
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