Internet Marketing – The darker side of IM -3

The main IM market has become more
structured to build trust of buyers and
attract more product creators.
The global distributors: JVZoo, Clickbank
and Warrior+Plus (and other markets)
will follow up any complaint that
somebody has been selling your product,
without your agreement,
or a close copy of your product.
Product owners have to give specific
permission to would-be affiliates
(sales agents) before they are allowed
to sell each product.
Product security is crucial to both
product sellers and affiliates who
provide their own bonus products to
increase their affiliate sales.
The basic model is to have a (product)
download page on your site, to which
buyers are sent when they have paid.
You need to rename this page: it will
automatically have a URL (www…).
If you just call it ‘/download’, you can
expect to have products stolen by
thieves, who dial the page without
Buyers will still see your new
URL (and could tell others), but at
least the first buyer will have to pay
before doing so.
If you set up a product supermarket on
your site (or even if you just sell the
occasional product),
product protection is critical,
or the products will all
be stolen. 
The global distributors: JVZoo etc.
will provide secure facilities where
your product will only be released
after payment is made. Affiliates can
add their bonuses to the product in the
distributors system.
Some affiliates will insist on you
contacting them by email, with a copy
of your receipt, before providing the
Videos are some of your more expensive
products. Instead of providing copies,
some vendors host the videos. When you
want to see them, you need to log in to
the vendor’s site and view it there.
Some go further and provide some of the
video training in a webinar.
They can control who participates and
use the webinar to sell more products
(ALL webinars are designed to sell you
something in the last 20-30 minutes!).
As usual, the top IM sellers upgrade
the standard model.
Omar Martin’s IM Clinic
explains how buyers will collect
bonuses from a ‘bonus supermarket’.
In addition to the bonuses you have
just bought, you will be presented with
many other items to purchase, plus more
chances to buy upsells (oto’s)
if you have not already bought.
A key lesson of the IM Clinic is that
top IM sellers sell many more products
to each buyer that does the average IM
. The buyer has his/her payment
card in hand, so now is the time to
offer more products.
Omar does have more top products
to sell than most, but
this is twinned with a systematic
sequence of sales presentations that we
students need to learn.
Buyers are expensive
(in time and/or money) to acquire and
the experts make them much
more profitable than do others. 
To add some testimonials to your
product promotion, you will need some
people (‘beta testers’) to test a free
copy of your product before launch and
write reviews for you to publish on
your sales page.
If copies appear in the market
before launch (rare, but it can happen),
change your testers next time.
One of the greatest advantages of
electronic products is that we can copy
them repeatedly without cost. Sadly, so
can other people, which reduces our
If this theft involves them selling our
product, or bonus, we need to take
whatever action we can to stop it.
If a buyer gives a copy to a friend,
we will probably never know.
It is upsetting, but is a market feature that
today is uneconomic to combat.
Better times may be ahead.
The (growing) thousands of IM sellers
and affiliates who are growing the
market indicate that these issues are
manageable and accepted as a cost of
doing profitable business.
However, you should defend your
business at all times from the parasites
we have discussed.
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