Randy Smith (UK)
Randy is John Thornhill’s
marketing guru, who also
co-owns Mediakettle.
(John is my mentor.)
Here is Randy Smith’s new product.
It teaches you how to produce
an e-book
in less than one hour.
Here is John’s description:
You don’t need me to tell you that
building a list is the number one thing
you need to be doing online.THE LIST, THE LIST,

How many times have you heard that?

The thing is it’s true, and the fact
you are reading this email right now
should prove that to you.

You have opened this email, and if you
go on to purchase what I recommend I’ll
get paid a commission.

Think about that for a moment!

When you have a list you can literally
create cash on demand.
You write an
email, hit send and BOOM, money appears
without you doing anything else.

Now, of course, building a list is not
as easy as it sounds, and while there
are literally hundreds of ways to build
a list most people find it extremely
hard to do.

However, a great new tool has just been
launched that can help you build a list
in 3 easy steps.

It’s called DIY Lead Magnets, and as
the name suggests, you can create
simple ‘magnets’ that attract leads in
3 simple steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Lead Magnet
Step 2: Add Your Content From The Database
Step 3: Publish Your Lead Magnet

That’s it, you’re done, you now have a
way to build that all-important list.

And the really cool thing is, with this
software you can create as many lead
magnets as you want because there

This is a wonderfully simple, yet
extremely powerful tool that can help
you generate leads on demand. 

Check it out here and let me know what
you think.

So pop over and watch the demo video now:

Grab this at the launch special, and you’ll never
be stuck for a LeadMagnet again 🙂

Grab it NOW!
NOTE: (Life is not perfect!)
-from Randy
‘We’d set the
pricing of the front end to
annual recurring,
(instead on a once-only payment)
which may have

put some folks off.

So we switched that over to a one off,

as we
have recurring on the upsell.
THAT made a big difference
and sales finally
started coming in.’
If you were an early bird,
please revisit the site, as
the price has now been
In case you missed this:
(More of Mark!)
Better pricing = higher profits 
If you have a service business, you can
earn much more from this series.
Also, Mark runs a programme called
Price Consulting, and he teaches
accountants/bookkeepers how to help
their customers with their pricing. 
Thank you for the positive response to
posts on this topic and the action taken.
Please tell your friends!
Those links again:
The complete guide to menu pricing – NEW!
(video training programme)
Effective Pricing for Accountants (book)
How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (book)
How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (video training programme)
The Value Pricing System
The Power of Price Psychology
Monthly Mentoring
Grab them NOW and claim the true income
that you earn!
Price accounting and consulting
services more profitably!
Silvia at IFRSbox.
If you are in finance and not on her
FREE list (WHY NOT?):


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