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Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
Why three is the magic number

Today I’d like to talk about an
incredibly powerful concept known as
the ‘magic of three’.  

In brief, it
means that any solution or service you
offer should always, always give
clients three pricing options.  

there’s a reason it’s something all the
most successful businesses do.

Tall, grande or venti?

Who’s the most profitable coffee shop
on the planet, for example?  That’s
right.  Starbucks.  

If you go into
Starbucks most of their drinks offer
three options – ‘tall’, ‘grande’ and
‘venti’ in the case of my personal
favourite, latte!  

Why?  It’s because
behavioural economists have shown that,
when faced with three choices, most
people gravitate towards the middle. 

Once you know this, it’s a huge

Think about it.  If, in
the past, you only offered one tax
return service or form of company
secretarial work,simply creating two
further options will mean most people
choose to pay you more.

Offer three choices …
To be continued……

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