Internet Marketing – The Road to High-Ticket Sales

Andy Brocklehurst (UK)
A psychological trigger that you, as a
marketer, really should know…
Because it can put money in your
Here’s what it is in a nutshell:
Once someone has performed an action –
no matter how small – they’re more
likely to continue performing
additional actions that are in line
with the first action.
In fact, they might even feel obligated
to go along with larger requests.
So when someone has just given you
their email address on your squeeze
page, they are more likely to buy your
$7 ebook than someone who hasn’t given
their email address.
And when that person buys your $7
ebook, they are more likely to buy your
$47 product, as so forth.
That first act of giving their email
address creates a bond between them and
you, and they feel obligated to
continue taking action.
As marketers, we call this the ‘foot in
the door approach.’
And it’s why we don’t start out selling
$1,997 courses to strangers.
The takeaway: Keep this rule in mind
for all of your marketing, not just
your sales funnels.
Getting people to take a small action
such as sharing your post, liking your
picture, replying to your tweet,
filling out your survey and so forth is
your foot in the door.
Now your job is to keep asking and let
your readers, prospects and customers
keep saying yes.
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