Internet Marketing – Think on your feet! – 1

Thinking on your feet may seem spur

of the moment, but it is actually
something you can prepare for.
Here’s how.

Whether it’s an unexpected question or
a decision that needs to be made
quickly, it’s easy to be caught off
guard in the moment only to think of
the perfect answer later.

Thinking on
your feet takes mental agility, and
it’s possible to prepare for those
moments when you need to think fast.
Here are some ways to get better at
thinking on your feet:

Being quick on your feet is something
you can and should practice, says Beck
Bamberger, founder BAM Communications.
Bamberger’s team reserves a portion of
their weekly meeting to stretch their

“We throw out a meaty topical question
and call on individuals to answer the
prompt within 60 seconds,” she says.

A recent question was on the topic of
Tiger Woods’ latest Masters win.
Bamberger asked her team what brands
like Nike should do now that a fallen
icon has stepped back into the

“Once you’ve had the experience of
answering 30 or so of these tough and
unpredictable questions, you’re far
more in shape to handle with confidence
any questions clients or audience
members may throw your way,” says

Employees at Walker Sands
Communications, a PR agency, practice
thinking on their feet by hosting
public speaking parties that use improv
and creative writing games.

“We had people use vivid imagery to
make a toast or explain a fictional
vacation,” says Mike Santoro,

“Everything culminated in a
final round where groups of people
paired off to pitch the group on their
next big idea.

They had a five-deck
slide that they hadn’t seen before and
had to work to describe a new business
that was launching.”

Fun activities can teach good habits
like listening, building on one another
with “yes, and” methods, and truly
working together, he says.
To be continued..


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