Internet Marketing -upgrade nudge strategy – 2

Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
Today, I’d like to share a tipI learned from the science behind the
pricing of menus.  

Supersizing works!

That way, what happens is that a lot of
clients will think,

“For an extra £50 I
get so much more stuff.”  

And it works.

You’ll see it used in any number of

Think about the last time you
went to the cinema, for example.  

If you bought popcorn or Coke, I can
guarantee that the most expensive
option you were offered gave you so
much more for a relatively small
increase in price.

And most people
fall for it.  I know I do!  

Every single time I end up buying way more
Coke and popcorn than I could possibly

All because I can see that a
tiny increase in price gives me so much

That’s the upgrade nudge strategy at work. 

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