Internet Marketing –Use wi-fi in a coffee shop? – 3

Use wi-fi in a coffee shop? Here’s how
the man sitting behind you could be
emptying your bank account

Cyber security expert Colin Tankard
reveals how hackers hijack computers.

It’s not just airport hotel and coffee
shop wi-fi that is vulnerable.
Other public areas that provide free
internet, including trains, pubs,
restaurants and hospitals also leave
you at risk from hackers.

To combat the
threat of online fraudsters when you
are out and about you can protect
yourself with something called a
‘virtual private network’ (VPN) that
includes anti-virus software.

This allows you to use public wi-fi
without a fraudster being able to get
into your account.

The VPN encrypts
what you are looking at on the internet
– making it gobbledegook to prying eyes
that might try spying on you from
another computer. 

Tankard points out that although such
software can be purchased for a few
pounds a month it can be worth trying a
free VPN like those offered by software
firms Avira or Sophos.

By trying it for free first you can
always later upgrade to a paid-for
version with additional features, such
as offering security for several

Getting the protection
installed is straightforward. 

You simply visit the company website
and download the version you need –
either for a PC or Mac.

After initially apping in a username

and password the
computer should automatically use the
VPN when you join any public wi-fi. 
To be continued…..


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