Internet Marketing – Very first step in your marketing strategy -2

Mark Wickersham (UK):
Why identifying your ideal client
should be step 1 of your marketing
When you want to really grow a business
then a marketing strategy is key to
attract new clients and more work. But
it’s an involved process that can get
Even today I speak to many accounting
and bookkeeping firms who tell the same
They also have a mixed bag of
too many clients who make their life
difficult, rather than prosperous.
Whom do you really want?
So instead, before you even think about
your complicated marketing plan, you
have to identify your ideal client.
Once you know who they are then you can
start to target and attract them
through your marketing.
You might want to think about having a
niche. For instance you could focus on
the health sector and within that could
focus on doctors.
Once you have in your mind your ideal
customer then all your marketing will
be so much easier.
Identifying their qualities
But how do you decide who your ideal
client is?
To be continued ….
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