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Randy Smith (UK):
Adding video to our pages and posts!

That just leaves the video player
required to place 
and show the videos on your sites.

For that I use MonkeyPlayr

Monkey Playr helps you get your videos
up and running faster than ever!
You can now benefit from thesuper low, annual fee
-No hidden costs and with a full Pro level account.

Most website owners use standard
YouTube embed codes 
on their sites and all of them are
missing out on essential marketingfunctionality as a result!

Here are a few of the STANDARD features
others maybe missing…
-Use MonkeyPlayr to set the video’s
start and end times

– Select the ‘Modest Branding’ option
which removes the 
YouTube logo from the player

– Keep em’ watching by choosing to loop
the playback of any video or video playlist.

– Serve any video on your site with the
added extra security of HTTPS.

Plus a many more CUSTOM features that
you will want 
to keep an edge over your competitors!
* Set The Precise Width & Height Of
Your Video Player

* Set Your Video Player To Full
Responsive Mode

* Disable Any Dropdown or Video
Information Boxes

* Disable All Annotations (Even Those
Set By The Owner)

* Disable Full Screen Playback & Player

* AND then…Redirect viewers to any url link at the
end of playback…

Using Monkey Playr makes using video on
your website easy, and It’s also the perfect
solution for affiliates 
and product vendors who want to send
viewers to a special offer orpromoted product link after watching 
the video.
Learn More about how you can use video
in your business with Monkey Playr:

In case you missed this:
I have a request :
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Product Creation Workshop
Please make time to watch this!
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If you have a service business, you can
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Also, Mark runs a programme calledPrice Consulting, and he teaches 
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Thank you for the positive response to
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Those links again:
The complete guide to menu pricing – NEW!
(video training programme)

Effective Pricing for Accountants (book)

The Power of Price Psychology

Monthly Mentoring

How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (book)

How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (video training programme)

The Value Pricing System

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Silvia at IFRSbox.
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