Internet Marketing – What is the F in FIGS?

‘But John, I Wasn’t Aware The Price Was
Going to Shoot up”
This happens every single time I
mention a launch is about to end.
“But John, I wasn’t aware. Can I get
this at the original price?”
I guarantee that tomorrow I’ll get
emails from people saying xxxxxx
isn’t $9.97 anymore,
even though I’ve sent multiple emails
saying the price is increasing at
midnight est tonight.
So get this.
At midnight est tonight the xxxxxx
launch will end and the
price will increase.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you, because if
you do I’m going to point you to this
My mentor, John Thornhill, always keeps
to discount deadlines, even rising in
the middle of the night to change his site.
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No deadline, but the sooner you do,
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FIGS – F is the fear of loss.
It is the fear that time will run out
before you can secure your product.
Buyers will delay purchase if they can,
or if there is no hurry. Delays mean
that sales will be lost.
IM sellers counter this by having a
deadline (normally Sunday night)
for discounts and bonuses. 
The sellers send a batch of emails on a
Sunday,, such as the one
John sent last night, to show that it is
now or never for the discounted price
and any bonuses.
Sunday sales are often
the largest number of the campaign.
Many do buy on a Monday (or later), but
pay full price.
This element of FIGS is used by most IM
sellers by having a launch campaign,
with a clock on the sales page during
the last two days, showing that time is
Campaigns last only a week,
as the affiliates will secure their
sales for this week’s product and move
on to next week’s best offer.
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