Internet Marketing – What is the G in FIGS?

The Magic Room
In my home, there is a room with my
books, music and a collection of
objects that would make Amazon jealous.
When my wife, Lady Lena, first saw it,
I explained that I could find anything there.
If I needed a 1980’s phone handset, or
1990’s piece of a computer, I would
find it there. She remains unimpressed.
She calls it the Magic Room.
The computer age has provided me with a
new magic room of infinite size. As
memory has become cheaper, storage has
become unlimited.
For IM, this enables us to offer
reports, books, videos without anybody
worrying where to store them.
Information products have no cost, once
we have produced the master copy and
effectively no storage cost.
We can
offer amazing combinations of products
for cut-throat prices.
When we started to notice IM, there
were all the free booklets, checklists
and webinars.
We then progressed to
buying some cheap products,
especially if there were bonuses.
The G in FIGS is GREED
The niche we are in:
Making Money Online
is the most profitable.
The motivation is clear and often
linked to jealousy.
Some US IM gurus
(in many different niches) feel that
they should present themselves and
their flash car in a Las Vegas setting
and then say: ‘I do not want to boast,
Most creators launch a product
today, with bonuses.
These bonus products will disappear
at the end of the launch.
Commissionology (see below) 
Michael Cheney is offering a fist
full of bonuses including some
on traffic generation to complement
his email package.
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There is a growing trend for top
affiliates to add their own bonuses
to those of the creator, to attract
buyers to purchase through them.
They can do this at no cost, although
they may lose some sales of products
they give away free.
Sometimes, the affiliate’s bonus is
worth much more to me than the
$10 lead product, which I buy
(never to use).
Bonus escalation led me to buy a
$7 product as it had
more than 100 bonuses, including
plug-ins, other software (which I am
sure that I will use
when I know what it does).
I have not even looked at them yet,
but they are on my ‘to do’ list.
The money-back guarantee is
(surprisingly to me) a motivator and
persuades some people that it all costs
nothing, as they can reclaim their
money if they wish.
We will discuss refunds another day.
Most of IM, in our niche, is to pay a
minimal sum to earn large amounts of
money in a very short time.
Testimonials report stunning financial
performance that we would like to
Appealing to greed and
jealousy is a major factor in our
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All major players in the IM business
know him, not least for his email
writing, which has spearheaded his
sales success.
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Michaels’ emails.
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