Internet Marketing – What is the I in FIGS?

The I in FIGS is a bluff from the
seller and is more abstract
than the other letters.
The seller wants to sell the product,
of course,
but does not want to appear desperate,
or cede more discounts or bonuses. 
Omar and Melinda Martin
cover FIGS in depth in
their IM Clinic
You will learn a lot about IM just from the
promotional video (no commitment to
Omar gives the example of TeleShops,
selling products one after another
on your TV, or computer.
For Indifference, the presenter
provides some testimonials
of happy product buyers,
but then moves
onto another product before
all of the units of the current product
have been sold.
The message is that these people (like
you) have bought it.
You can buy it if you wish,
but if it is not for you, we
will move on, without tears.
As the original product disappears from
their screen, viewers can feel a
fear of loss
(time is running out,
discussed yesterday).
Testimonials (recommendations) are a
very strong persuasion tool
(if the viewer believes them).
They bridge the gap between you
(worried about whether the product will
work for you) and the expert presenter
(it will work for him/her, but I do not
have his/her technical skill or
IM sellers publish and film
testimonials where possible, using
newbies to explain how easy and
profitable the product is.
The sellers present themselves as
indifferent, but by sending you emails
on the product daily, or more frequently,
they seem to care.
When you know they are using an
auto responder, you know that the
messages are being sent to many
readers, not just you.
In short, being indifferent is a
‘take it or leave it’ stance
for the seller.
You do your best to persuade your
readers, but you have other products
coming along soon, so rejection is not
Accelerated learning
I came to IM through my long interest
in accelerated learning
‘Investing in yourself is the
best investment you can ever make’
has been very true for me.
I use a number of techniques in my training
courses and in my day job: teaching.
Learning IM and being based in Russia
have dramatically increased my learning
One product I bought is
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