Internet Marketing – What to do if your price is too expensive – 2

I’m sure most of us have experienced
that moment when you reveal the price
and your client says, “That’s a bit
more than I was expecting. Sorry, but
it’s beyond my budget.” The big
question then is, what do you do next?

One option, of course, is just to walk
away. You may not be prepared to take
on the business for less than your
original price, and that’s fine. It’s
often a good thing to do.

But let’s imagine that you particularlywant to win this piece of work.
What do you do then?
What you should never do is
automatically give a discount.

That’s crazy. Instead, do one of the

#3 Change the package
Although you should always start with
three packages, the more a client can
tailor these to their own
circumstances, the easier it’ll be to
end up with a price they’re happy with.

A great way of doing this is by using
my Cloud Pricing software, which lets
you change the answers to different

If, for example, all three
of your options include a quarterly
business review meeting, you could
offer the option of changing this to
just two a year and reduce the price

#4 Offer behaviour rewards
If even step three fails, then a final
option is to offer a discount – but
only if the client does something for
you in return.

Asking for referrals is
a great example.
You can say something
along the lines of,

“We don’t normally
offer discounts but, if you’re willing
to refer us to three other business
owners, then we can cut back on our
marketing budget and pass the savings
on to you.

So would you be happy to do
that?”If they say yes – which nine
times out of ten they will – then give
them an appropriate discount.

Another example could be asking them to
present their information in a
different format that makes your life

If they agree, again, you can
swap this for a discount. 

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