Internet Marketing – Why being cheap will lose you business! -2

Mark Wickersham (UK)
Being too cheap can actually lose you
What was even more interesting – from
the point of view of pricing – is that
my price was also more than double that
of the Big Four firm!
The client chose me,
however, because of the detail I
went into as to what I would do, and
how this would benefit them. It meant
they saw me as more of an expert than a
top four firm!
You get what you pay for
I’m sure you’ve noticed how in life we
associate price with quality. We assume
that if something’s cheap, it’s low
On the other hand, if
something’s expensive, we assume it’s
high quality. But what’s interesting
when we’re thinking about pricing is
that most people prefer high quality.
By keeping our prices low, we’re simply
sending out a signal about the quality
of what we do.
A signal that will put
off all those serious business owners
who are looking for a good-quality
accounting professional.
to be continued…
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