Internet Marketing – Why everything seems expensive -2

Mark Wickersham (UK)
The Power of Price Psychology
Why everything seems expensive without
This is where the contrast
principle comes in – letting you frame
your price in a way that seems so much
In his book Dr Cialdini uses the
example of three buckets of water to
illustrate the principle.  One hot, one
cold and one lukewarm.
He points out
that when putting your hand in the cold
water bucket and then in the lukewarm
bucket the latter will feel warm.
However first put it in the hot water
and then the lukewarm bucket and the
temperate will seem cold.
It’s all about perception
It’s the same temperature as with the
previous example but our perception is
affected by what happened immediately
beforehand and therefore it feels
The same needs to happen with price –
you have to create contrast.
One way of doing that is by quantifying
the value and benefit to the customer.
The bigger you can paint that picture
of value the smaller your price will
seem by comparison.
The bigger the contrast.
That’s the principle. And it works.
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