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Ever heard of “banner blindness”? Its a
term that represents the phenomenon of
getting used to something you see
online so often that it becomes
virtually invisible to you. 

Website have to rotate banners images
and placement all the time because if
banner blindness. I’ve noticed that the
same sort of thing happens to me with

Webinars happen all the time now a
days, and you’ve probably developed
“banner blindness” to them but I want
to make sure that doesn’t happen to you
here.DO NOT MISS THIS WEBINAR…this is not
one of those “hypey” sales pitch webinars. 

This is the earlybird webinar for Omar
& Melinda Martin’s


DATE: Thursday November 28th 2019
TIME: 9:00 PM Eastern
Why is that important?   (I’m glad you

1. Omar & Melinda are the Internet
Marketing power couple. They’ve been
doing this for over a decade and they
ROCK at it.

They develop amazing
software and training products for
online business owners.

2. On this free webinar they will show
you how they create consistent cash
flow in their business.

They will actually show you their

exact income streams.
(This is genius and you need
to see it)

3. All attendees will get a sneak peek
at the products that they have bundled
and discounted by 90% for Black Friday.

4. Attendees that stay till the end of
the webinar will each receive a free
discount coupon that even FURTHER
discounts the 90% OFF!!  (This is
Thursday is Thanksgiving night, you’re
gonna be home anyway so put a reminder
in your phone right now and

To Your Success,

P.S. – Don’t get “banner blindness” on
this one or you will surely miss out
because I’ve NEVER seen a sale like
this before.P.P.S. – No matter where you are on
Thanksgiving night tune into this
webinar at 9:00 PM Eastern.

DATE: Thursday November 28th 2019
TIME: 9:00 PM Eastern


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