Internet Marketing – Why you need a structured pricing system – 3

There are many things in life that
need structure.
Pricing is one of them.
Without a structured system
pricing simply happens by chance.
By luck.
Instead you want to control the process
so that you do pricing the same way
every single time.
I have a seven-step formula for achieving this:
3)     Communicate that value
Once you have identified the extra
value you can offer the important thing
is explaining to them exactly what
value you are offering.
Don’t simply assume they understand
what you do.  They may not.
Turn features into benefits – and
quantify those benefits where possible,
making that benefit (and therefore its
value) as big as possible.
In case you missed this:
(More of Mark!)
Better pricing = higher profits 
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Also, Mark runs a programme called
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Those links again:
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business (book)
How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (video training programme)
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Monthly Mentoring
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