Internet Marketing- Why You Should Grab Every Opportunity To Speak -1

Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System
Do you want to win more business?
Of course you do, everyone wants more

Well, one of the most powerful ways of
doing that is to run events.

Why Should You Run Events?

The minute you stand in front of an
audience, on a stage, straight away you
are seen as being an expert.

When you are seen as being the expert,
more people want to work with you.

You start to expose your message to
people. You start to be seen as a
thought leader.

Just the act of
speaking will help to encourage people
to want to work with you.

But What If You Don’t Like Speaking?

Speaking in front of large crowds can
be uncomfortable.

I’m an accountant. I’m an introvert.
I’m not a natural speaker.

The first time I did a speaking gig,
back in 1998, I was absolutely

But I found over the years that the
more I did it the easier it became.

This is true of anything in life, the
more you do something, the better you
become at it and the easier it gets.

Now, speaking is how I make my living,
so it is possible to overcome that fear
of speaking.

Get out of your comfort
zone and just do it because it’s such a
powerful way of getting new clients.

To be continued..
The Value Pricing System

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