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Mark Wickersham (UK):

The Power of Price Psychology

How is Mark’s view applicable to IM?
It you sell high-ticket items, such as
courses, over $1,000,
you can keep the price hidden,
invite potential buyers to a phone
interview, learn about their
circumstances and set your price to the
maximum they can bear.
A limited number of buyers
will not find out that they have been
charged more (or less) than others.
I have been through 3 of such
interviews. I am happy with the
courses chosen and the  price
I paid, though I do not know whether
I could have negotiated a better price.
Also, if you buy a product and pay
the premium you pay over the one-off
price is not published,
I never take the monthly price, due to
the premium.
Over to Mark Wickersham (UK):
I’d like to share something you must
never, ever do: please, please, please
don’t reveal your headline price.  I
can assure you it’s an incredibly
powerful concept that will get you
much, much higher prices with much less
price resistance too.
So, what is your headline price?
Very simply, your headline price is the
total price
. I can probably best
explain the concept by telling you
about an experiment done some years ago
by Ryan Deis, one of the world’s
leading Internet marketers.
Ryan decided to sell one of his
products at $197 and found he sold 340,
which generated him just over $66,000.
Not a bad result, but it’s what
happened next that’s really
He decided to find out
what would happen if, rather than $197,
he asked for two payments of $97. (It’s
not quite the same price but, at $194,
I think you’ll agree it’s pretty close.)
Do the math
What he found was staggering. His sales
increased from 340 to 977, and his
total revenue from $66,000 to nearly
$190,000. I think you’ll agree that
that’s already a staggering result, but
then something even more amazing took
place. Ryan thought, “That’s
interesting. What if I offer the same
product, but rather than two payments
of 97, I make it three?”
to be continued
The Power of Price Psychology

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