Internet Marketing – Why your clients want to pay you in advance -3

Mark Wickersham (UK):
Historically the accounting profession
has always given clients credit.  It
may be 30 days. It may be two months.
But we give credit.
I don’t know why.  Perhaps it’s that we
are in the service industry and feel we
But guess what? Behavioral economics
says it’s not what customers want.
They actually want to pay upfront.  And
it makes sense for you too.
How it helps your clients too
But it’s not just about the benefits to
you – which in truth are pretty
It’s also about the benefits to your
clients. Again I believe there are
3.     The timing effect
This is another behavioral economics
factor. It concerns the fact that the
bigger the gap between the date of
making the payment and then enjoying
the product or service then the more
the customers enjoy the experience.
Take your annual holiday for example.
You usually book it early and pay a
deposit, paying the balance a few
months later but certainly before you
go on holiday.
The payment is complete. It means you
enjoy the holiday.
Just think of it in reverse. If you
relaxed on that holiday but on the last
day all you think isn’t “Wasn’t that a
great holiday,” Instead it’s “I’ve
still got to pay for this”.
Now you think twice about booking a
holiday for the following year because
it feels expensive. You’ve been put
It’s the same with any product or
service. If you have to pay afterwards
it hurts.
4.     Reducing the pain further
By letting clients pay by monthly
recurring payments brings together both
the benefits of timing and saliency.
It helps the client manage their cash
flows better the same way as it does
yours. It goes under the radar and is
less noticeable coming out of a bank
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