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The Value Pricing System
I am going to share with you the three

S’s of niche building.

It’s critical that you start developing
niches, develop a real focus and find
your specialism.

The specialist always
makes more money than the generalist.

If you want to get better prices, win
more work and earn more money and
better quality clients – you need to
focus and build a niche.

Let’s look at the three S’s of niche


Think about the life-cycle of of a

They start, and at some point the
business owner may sell their business.
Think about the different types of
businesses, the circumstances they
could be in.

It may be you decided to specialise in
business start-ups, so you could set
yourself up as the start-up expert.

You would conduct a lot of research and
familiarise yourself with the typical
problems of a start-up business.

How do
they keep their books and records? What
can they claim? What types of

You might build up your expertise for
business start-ups, position yourself
as the expert and then you will be able
to attract business start-ups and
charge higher prices.

To be continued…..

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