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Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System

I am going to share with you the three
S’s of niche building.

It’s critical that you start developing
niches, develop a real focus and find
your specialism.

The specialist always
makes more money than the generalist.

If you want to get better prices, win
more work and earn more money and
better quality clients – you need to
focus and build a niche.

Let’s look at the three S’s of niche


It could be you specialise based on a
particular thing you do.

It may well be
tax planning, or technology and setting
up apps.

Maybe you specialise in price
consulting or strategic planning.

You could aim to become the very best
tax planning expert in your area for
inheritance tax planning.

Now you don’t have to choose between
sector, stage and service – you can
combine the three.

The more narrowly
focused you are, the more specialist
you become, the more you can position
yourself as the expert and the more
sought after you will be.

I started my own accounting firm as a
sole trader in 1996, and I took on all
sorts of clients. I had no focus.

Then, in 2000, I was invited to speak
at a workshop for accountants.

I loved
it so much that from then onwards I
started teaching accountants.

I sold my
accounting firm and I’ve been teaching
accountants ever since.

For about 10 years I taught all sorts
of things.

In 2010, I made the decision
to specialise in teaching accountants
how to price more effectively.

I wrote
my first book ‘Effective Pricing for
Accountants’, and now it’s all I teach.

I built my niche in the sector of
accounting, and the service of teaching

Now I teach accountants to
value price.

You can do the same thing by finding
what you love to do and specialising in

Those links again:

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(video training programme)

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How to build a successful bookkeeping
business (video training programme)

Grab them NOW and claim the true income
that you earn!

Price accounting and consulting
services more profitably!
Your Pricing Journey (video training programme)
NEW programme from  the MASTER!
(More of Mark!)

Better pricing = higher profits 
If you have a service business, you can
earn much more from this series.

Also, Mark runs a programme calledPrice Consulting, and he teaches 
accountants/bookkeepers how to help
their customers with their pricing. 

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