Internet Marketing – Write More Descriptively – 2
The purpose of writing is to
communicate information.

This is true
for writing of all types, for fiction
and nonfiction, for creative and
technical, for business and legal.

Tools of Description

Verb choice.
Selecting colorful verbs
is one of the easiest ways to make your
writing more interesting.

You don’t
even have to add extra words; your
sentences need verbs anyway, so just
choose good ones.

Did someone walk across the room, or
did they stumble across the room

(maybe in a drunken haze)?

Did someone laugh at a funny joke, or
did they giggle, or chortle, or guffaw?

English is full of descriptive verbs,
and they can make your writing more

Be careful, however, not to
use verbs that are too uncommon or
strange, or you run the risk of losing
description and creating distraction.

To be continued…….


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