Internet Marketing – Write More Descriptively – 3

The purpose of writing is to
communicate information.

This is true
for writing of all types, for fiction
and nonfiction, for creative and
technical, for business and legal.

Tools of Description

Intentional use of adjectives.
Where adverbs modify verbs,adjectives modify nouns.

This is probably the most direct
way to make your writing more
descriptive, since adjectives exist for
the express purpose of being

This is where many writers fall into
the trap of being too descriptive,

The cautionary example sentence
(earlier post) contains 18 adjectives,

which is at least 14 too many.
Stick to one adjective per verb most of
the time.

Stick to a maximum of five or
six nouns per sentence, too—any longer
than that and the sentence should be

To be continued…….


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