Internet Marketing – Your clients aren’t price sensitive – 2

Mark Wickersham (UK):
Debunking the myth of price sensitivity
One of the big myths I hear over and
over again – and one of the main things
holding us back with our pricing – is
that our clients are price sensitive.
Research by behavioural
economists suggests that the number of
price-sensitive people in society is
about one in five, or 20%.
And a typical example might be
someone who’s retired,
who collects the free newspapers
and goes through them every
weekend meticulously cutting out the
3p-off food vouchers.
So I admit all they care about is
They’ve got time on their hands.
But what I also know is that they’re
not your clients.
And, if they are,
then you may want to revisit your ideal
client process!
Your ideal clients aren’t in that 20%
To repeat: your ideal clients don’t
form part of that 20%.
To prove it,
think about them for a minute. Do any
of them visit Starbucks or Costa
If they do, then by definition
they’re not price sensitive because
there are far cheaper ways of getting
their coffee fix!
Similarly, have you got any clients who
own an Apple product? Maybe an iPhone
or an iPad?
If so, again, by
definition, they can’t be price
sensitive. There are much cheaper
options available.
Price is only part of the equation
What this shows is that most people
aren’t price sensitive. They’re value
sensitive. These are two very different
things, and once we understand that
everything changes.
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