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Mark Wickersham (UK):

The Power of Price Psychology

I’d like to share how
using a concept called phonetic
simplification will get you better
prices and results.
One of the things we’re just starting
to understand is how irrational the
human brain is.
And how, once we
understand that, we can use it to our
advantage. (Some of you may already
know Dan Ariely’s book “Predictably
One key insight I want to share with
you today was revealed in July 2012,
when Coulter, Choi and Monroe published
a research paper in the Journal of
Consumer Psychology called “Comma N’
cents in pricing:
The effects of
auditory representation in coding on
price magnitude perceptions”.
The more syllables in a price – the
higher it seems
In essence what the authors found was
what they describe as “phonetic
In other words, when
we see a price written down – the same
as with any number or any word – we
read it in our minds.
In particular
what their study looked at was whether
the number of syllables in a price
impacts on our perception of the size
of that price.
Fascinatingly, their conclusion was:
Yes! Absolutely it does!
The Power of Price Psychology

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In case you missed this:

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