Internet Marketing – Your Site = Your Visiting Card

Your Professional Website
If you want to beat the competition,
you need your own website
relating to your day job.
gives you all the details for securing
If you have an IM site already,
hosting your new site will be
free, or at a major discount.
To hide any unwanted PAGES,
WordPress allows you to delete them, or
remove them from the menu: go to
You can create hidden pages:
you do PUBLISH them,
but do NOT include them
on your menu.
This provides hidden pages to store
your school and college work,
references etc. in one place.
Do NOT put any
confidential information
on your computer site.
What do you need on your site?
1. CV (resume) and photo.
CV in text and downloadable.
2. CV (resume) in other languages,
if you have them.
CV in text and downloadable.
3. A one paragraph summary of
your CV. Your CV should reflect
achievements rather than just job
4. Publications in downloadable form.
5. Blog (optional)
6. Other photos (optional)
You can create pages for projects
and other interests.
The main benefit of your site is
that you can decide how to present
yourself, with unlimited space.
If somebody else designs it, you
will need to know how to update
text, photos and files.
This will improve your computer
skills: the same skills that
you will need for your IM site.
Place a copy of your cv on LinkedIn.
Identify any limitations in that
presentation that you can improve
on your site.
Use your site CV as the master, but
update other copies.
Most people will give you a reference,
if asked.
To have the reference you want:
1. You draft it.
2. The referee reviews and signs it.
As a referee, this saves me time and
I do not disappoint anybody by
forgetting anything.
LinkedIn promotes you to fill your
profile with references.
I prefer to limit references to those
people who need them.
They should NOT be submitted
with a CV unless required
(for example, university courses).
HR departments automatically ask for
a reference from anybody listed as
a referee, even for the first
I give references, but do not want to
do so 25 times a week for the same
We will see how I have monetized an
asset that I cannot sell, in the
coming days. I hope that this
will give you inspiration of how to
gather the benefits of your own site
and publishing to your advantage.
You are a professional.
You shouldpresent yourself 
as best you can, 

in your chosen format.

Your professional website
will help YOU 
beat the competition.
If you are celebrating May Day,
enjoy the occasion!
To be continued……
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