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Cindy Bidar:your current lead magnet and ask
yourself this:

Is it quick to consume?

We’re so
distracted and busy these days, that
unless your lead magnet is quick to
consume, it’s unlikely your subscribers
will even look at it after they
download it. 

Does it offer actionable advice?

Whencyour subscribers (the ones who actually
read/watch your lead magnet, anyway)
experience an actual transformation of
some kind, you know your freebie is
doing its job. 

Does it lead subscribers one step
closer to paying you?

This one is the
kicker, because we’re not building
lists just so we can pay more for our
email list manager, right?

So you want
to make sure your lead magnet offers a
next step that’s so on-point it’s
practically irresistible. 

Those three things aren’t easy to pull
off, I know, but there’s one type of
lead magnet that nails everything on
that list, and that’s a quiz.

Here’s why: 
Subscribers must consume it. They can’t
download it and let it collect virtual
dust, because there’s nothing to

Quizzes are fast. Even your most
distracted visitor can spare the 60
seconds (or less) it will take them to
answer a handful of questions. 

Quizzes let you easily personalize your
product recommendations. No more “one
size fits all” upsells.
Now you can
make the right offer at the right time.
(Use promo code QUIZ to save $80 at
checkout, through Sunday only.

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